The Name Game

Decades ago, I had a friend who was getting divorced.   She had taken his name when she’d gotten married, despite her feminist principles.  When she was queried as to why she’d done that, she said, quite simply, “My maiden name was worse.”

As the divorce was getting closer to being finalized, she decided that in addition to no longer wishing to have her husband, she didn’t want his name either.  Clear that she didn’t want to reach back to her maiden name, she decided she’d pick Read more

When is a Nonprofit Not a Nonprofit?

Last week’s blog led to a reader sending me a series of thoughtful questions (see comments).  The first question, however, generated a swift and blunt reply.

His question asked how I would classify a nonprofit organization “whose only revenue stream is governmental grants.  Are they a ‘non-profit’ or just a ‘quasi-government’ agency…?”  I love easy questions like this.  My answer?  I classify this as a “nonprofit flirting with death!”

Forget the debate on nomenclature and focus on the big picture:  long-term sustainability.  Any nonprofit that is funded Read more