Oversight vs. Harassment

What is the difference between oversight and harassment?  This is a question that many executives wrestle with as their boards of directors “step up” and “do their jobs.”

Boards have nothing on Rip Van Winkle; most simply don’t slumber that long.  Nevertheless, too many do slumber for some periods of time and then suddenly wake up!  The wake-up can be due to a variety of reasons but are generally variations on one of two themes:  someone on the board gets a bee in her/his bonnet about Read more

Chasing the Future

This past week, I had the great pleasure to attend my niece’s graduation from one of the top business schools in the country.   This school annually awards one-year fellowships to eight deserving graduates which allow them to spend a year applying their new-found knowledge in one of eight nonprofits.  Some, my niece tells me, as she is one of this year’s class of eight, even become employees of the nonprofit after the fellowships conclude.  That’s the good news.

The bad news came at a reception that Read more