To a Good Year

For most of us, the signal that summer is over is the start of school, a return to traffic congestion and wry expressions regarding how quickly the season flew by.

Another signal that summer is over is nonprofit boards returning gearing up for the coming year.

I always approach the fall with high hopes for nonprofit boards; that they’ll accomplish all of the positive goals they set for themselves, or talked about setting for themselves, or wished they’d set for themselves.  I offer some very simple, basic Read more

Living Philanthropically

Recently, I pulled out an old tried and true “ice breaker” for a group with which I was working.  I am not a big fan of ice breakers, as I am a very private person and not the touchy-feely type.   I don’t want to pull something personal out of my bag and tell you its significance or tell you three things that no one in the room—a room full of either total strangers or vague acquaintances—knows about me, or play some cute game, etc.  You Read more