Weighing in on Sabbaticals

“Creative Disruption” is a title that is going to catch my eye every time.  (Not sure if it is the disruption or the creative I like more.)  Add the subtitle, “Sabbaticals for Capacity Building and Leadership Development in the Nonprofit Sector,” and I’m going to stop and read that report right then and there.

The report—you’ve got the title in two pieces above—is work by CompassPoint, which looked at the collective outcomes from five different foundations’ sabbatical programs for executive director sabbaticals and other senior leaders.

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I Dare You

The rule “Don’t ask, don’t tell” is, fortunately, defunct.  At least in the military.  I think, however, it is alive and well in the culture of too many nonprofit boards:  if we don’t ask, we don’t know; if we don’t know, we can think everything is still great; if we think everything is still great, we don’t have to do anything.”  And so it goes.

This practice was the subtext running through my mind as I looked at the results of our survey checking in on Read more