The Power of Disruptive Thinking

While I believe completely in the value of, and need for, nonprofits to have a strategic plan, the process and the plans themselves are, frankly, usually boring.  Over the years of leading The Nonprofit Center, we’ve experimented with different approaches to strategic planning, always in search of alternative means for helping our clients with their own strategic planning.  Of all of the different approaches we tried, the one I enjoyed the most (and probably the one others enjoyed the least) was planning with BHAGs—those big, Read more

Strategic Planning for Life

As the fourth anniversary of my mother’s death approached, I thought about all of the things that have transpired in that short span:  too many deaths in the family and too many diagnosed with life-threatening illnesses; a nice number of graduations, mostly happily employed grandchildren and a pending wedding.

A lot of momentous stuff, and absolutely none of it—unless you put graduations in this category—planned.  Oh, if we could only engage in strategic planning for our lives!  We could know what to do and what would Read more