Separate the Wheat from the Chaff

So, the question gets asked of some presidential economic advisor in some NPR interview (and, I’m sure, is repeated in many other interview settings), is $1 trillion going to take care of getting rid of all of the “toxic assets” banks are currently holding?  The response, in summary:  well, minimally, it should go a long a way. 

We are talking about sums of money that the vast, vast majority of nonprofits, let alone their clients, can’t even fathom.  It is a sum of money that Read more

My Aching Head



My doctor says I need to ease up on the head banging.  I’d actually let up a little until I received a response to my recently published Philadelphia Inquirer op-ed.  The commentary suggested that those laid off from for-profit jobs should look to the nonprofit sector for satisfying employment:  their skills and talents are needed and will be valued and they can feel good while doing good.  The responses to this piece was phenomenal and all extremely positive, with Read more