Research on the Nonprofit Sector

Under the leadership of Director Laura Otten, Ph.D., The Nonprofit Center continues to take a leadership role in research that furthers education and contributes to capacity-building in the nonprofit sector.

Our research has included studies on the effectiveness of nonprofit organizations, strategic readiness factors and funding perceptions. In 2005, we published the region’s definitive Wage and Benefit Survey, reporting on more than 9,000 paid positions across the Delaware Valley.

Responding to a national trend of baby-boomers leaving their nonprofit leadership positions, we surveyed local executive directors to gather a sense of whether the Greater Philadelphia region will experience the same leadership gap predicted in other major metropolitan areas.

In 2009, we became an expert source for the media and the public on the impact of the economy on the region’s nonprofits.

Our deep connections to and credibility in the nonprofit community, as well as our academic credentials, make The Nonprofit a resource for both the sector and the media.