Five Free Things to Help Create a Shoestring PR Campaign

by Jeff Baxt,  Integrated Marketing Communications Tactician

  1. Use LinkedIn and Twitter to find news media contacts to reach out to and build relationships; your 1st and 2nd connections may know news reporters or producers they can introduce you to.
  2. Set up account on HARO (Help A Reporter Out) website to pitch stories to media; you will also receive daily emails about news sources that media contacts are looking for on breaking news stories.
  3. Review editorial calendars of consumer magazines and trade publications to identify topics for upcoming issues you may be able to offer a story for.
  4. Recruit volunteers to help identify potential stories; you can use the lesson plan in this course to help train volunteers in understanding the basics of public relations.
  5. Sign up for Google news alerts to help keep track of stories about your organization, or related news stories the media is following.

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