11 Steps for Prepare for Strategic Planning

To be successful, which means being able to effectively serve our clients, we need a roadmap.  It is the strategic plan that helps provide direction and focus so that we can fulfill our missions. With specific results to be achieved and a course of action defined for achieving them, a strategic plan also helps ensure that board and staff are clear about and united in these common goals.

Here is a suggested check list to help evaluate if your organization is well positioned for a successful strategic planning process.

  • Assure there is board–staff confidence in each other’s abilities
  • Deal with overwhelming financial crises/challenges
  • Deal with deep-seated tensions/divisive issue
  • Board and staff are open to considering organizational change
  • Organizational ability to commit resources to planning exists
  • Strategic planning committee members and leadership are in place
  • Time and resources can be committed for board/staff interviews, one or two retreats, two to five planning committee meetings
  • Time and resources exist for board/staff to collect additional data or conduct market research, if needed
  • Someone is able to write the planning document
  • Someone is able to monitor and revise the planning document
  • Finding and securing funding for an outside facilitator or planning consultant is possible, if needed.