Support for Smaller Nonprofits

Accessibility of our services is key to our mission.  We have a variety of opportunities that support the needs of smaller nonprofits, with “smaller” defined not just by budgets (less than $250,000) but also circumstances, such as resources, size, board size, number of employees, etc.

If you have your 501(c)(3) and want to ensure the future of your organization by building its systems, practices and board, consider these resources:

  • Nonprofit Center Membership (MemberPlus for small nonprofits costs as little as $515 per year and brings with it a free $1600 on-site Board Advancement Program, a free hour of consulting and discounts on all our programs)
  • Expert Connections for economical and timely access to an expert for pressing questions
  • Day of Clarity Board Retreat that brings real results
  • Classes and bargain-priced webinars to help staff (paid and unpaid) and board members acquire the skill and savvy your mission deserves

We’d be delighted to discuss what activities and classes would be most beneficial to your organization at its current stage and based on where it wants to go.  Contact 215-951-1701 or [email protected]


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