Customized Certificate

Build Your Own Customized Certificate

Suppose you’re a fundraising professional who has multiple management responsibilities. You can create your own Certificate Program that’s a combination of classes from the Fundraising Certificate and Nonprofit Management Certificate. Or you’re a communications director who also supports your organization’s development department. You can create your own Certificate combining classes from both the Marketing & Communications curriculum and the Fundraising Certificate. Executive directors may choose to combine classes in Financial Management and Nonprofit Management – or can even include select Marketing & Communications and Fundraising classes.

You start with three core courses:  Nonprofit Management 101, Foundations of Financial Management and Effective Communications.  From there there are multiple many combinations you can create.  We work with you to design the Certificate Program that best serves your goals and help you earn a valuable credential, with 5.4 CEUs.

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For more information about how to defy the cookie-cutter model and build a Certificate that’s unique to you, contact Rob Fennell at 215-991-3676 or [email protected]

Package Price based on 9 full-day classes (requires Membership):  $929
Member Rate:  $1032
Non-Member Rate:  $1431



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