The Value of Contracts

In a recent commentary published by the Philadelphia Inquirer, I suggested that we might consider issuing a “learner’s permit” to brand new nonprofits. This would give them time to get their footing, make their mistakes and assess their viability, before becoming bona-fide nonprofits. When the learner’s permit is about to expire, the nonprofit would have a review (the test) to determine if it had learned enough and gained enough experience to make it worthy of the public trust (and tax-exempt status).

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It’s About the Mission, Stupid

Those of us who work day in and day out in the nonprofit sector know it is all about the passion.  If you aren’t passionate about the cause for which you are working, whether it’s addressing food insecurity,  making great art available to all,  or making nonprofits stronger, you won’t find professional and personal satisfaction working at that organization.  Pretty intuitive, right?

Those who don’t work in the sector on that regular basis don’t seem to understand this.  In fact, in a blog I recently came Read more