Ethics… Not Again

When a colleague asked me what my blog was going to be about this week, I replied “ethics.”  She then asked, “Aren’t all your blogs about ethics?”  Hmmm, is that really true, I wondered.

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So what does it say about the state of ethics in our sector?  That question came back to mind in reading about an interesting struggle in New York City’s City Council.  Early in 2014, a series of articles revealed some eyebrow raising activities on the part of the CEO Read more

Dirty Money

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When are people going to learn that politics and nonprofits just don’t go together?   It is messy; it even gets ugly.  It complicates things where, truthfully, additional layers of complication don’t need to be added.  Plus, it always raises eyebrows.  And that’s never a good thing.

Recently, The Philadelphia Inquirer did an article on the philanthropy of media and cable giant Comcast.  Dollar-wise, Comcast is a good philanthropist:  according to its own promotion materials, it has given $25 million to charity since its inception Read more