Status Quo Me to Death

Recent data continues to put the nonprofit sector as the third largest employer in America, behind retail and manufacturing. That ranking hasn’t changed over the past several decades, despite the continued growth of the nonprofit sector and the regular closings, reorganizations and other disruptions in retail and manufacturing. In fact, it would appear that a lot, though by no means all of retail, does a wonderful job of reinventing itself.


Amazon started in 1994, Ebay in 1995. Moving along, we got Bonobos in 2007, Stitch Fix Read more

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Exceeding Expectations – It’s Not Such a Small World

In the short life of this blog, I have hit often on the message that nonprofits must be more business-like in their operations. And though as I write or think that phrase I generally am referring to finances, human resources, and overall management, I also include customer service. And just as many businesses could take a page or 10 from Disney’s and Nordstrom’s customer service books, so could many nonprofits, particularly those larger ones.

Two diametrically opposite experiences last week have me going on Read more

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