Celebrate the Wins

Growing up in Washington, DC, I never had a sense of “community” – just neighborhoods and “the city.”  When I was introduced to the concept of a community foundation, however, I immediately got it:  a group of people – a community – that gives money to support that community.  I’ve been a fan of community ever since.

Over the decades, and more recently of late, I’ve listened to and read about the marketing efforts of community banks as they compete with the big mahoffs of the Read more

The For-Profit Model of Paid Boards

A recent headline caught my eye:  “Should Board Members of Large Nonprofits be Paid?”  “NO!” my brain screamed.


Why not?  Many love to tell me that the reason nonprofit board members don’t do their jobs, or do them well, is because they aren’t paid.  Such a statement is based on the belief—sadly, one widely held in this country, at least—that the only thing that motivates people is financial compensation.  Forget the intangibles of feeling good about helping to make a difference, giving back, being a force Read more

Bill and Dan’s Excellent Adventures

I hold in high regard people who have the courage to walk the path less traveled, challenge others regardless of where they are on the org chart or in life, and swim in the waters of controversy.  As summer comes to an end,  I share with you the ideas of two people whose “different” view of things have hung around longer than either might have expected.

In 2008, Bill Schambra, then and now director of the Bradley Center for Philanthropy and Civic Renewal at Hudson Institute, Read more