Absent Retention Strategies

I keep hearing from people that the nonprofit sector is at a pivotal point.  There is more competition, and not just from within.  Threatening the sustainability of the nonprofit sector as we know it:  the growth of public-private ventures; the push from millennials to make money while working on behalf of others, spurring the development of pure for-profit companies working to solve society’s problems; the declining number of households supporting charitable enterprises.

I don’t believe that the sector is broken, but rather that we are Read more

Smart Hiring

‘Nobody has seen as many employees and CEOs coming and going as you have, Higgins. How long have you worked here now?’

Lots of people are asking us what the trends are in hiring in the nonprofit sector.  All of the different collectors of hiring data in the nonprofit sector that we’ve seen are saying the same thing: nonprofits are hiring.  According to Nonprofit HR’s “2014 Nonprofit Employment Practices Survey” (the Survey), 46% of nonprofits surveyed increased staff in 2013, as opposed to just Read more