Checking our Moral Compasses

I am always been dismayed by how dependent students are on their to tell them how well they are doing. Students are always stunned when I tell them that I would prefer not to give them grades at all, and they twist in the wind when I don’t offer them up specs on how a project should be done. What? I must determine this for myself? Ironically, it is the fault of our education system that we have created a population of people with little Read more

Why are you here?

Most folks who chose to have careers in the nonprofit sector do so because they want to “make the world a better place.”  That definition of “better” is almost always based on social justice values.  Thus, these same people are surprised—and, honestly, quite often angry—when they discover that organizations that believe in things contrary to their definition of “better” are also nonprofits.  After all, what makes a nonprofit a nonprofit is that it is working on behalf of some portion of the public good.  And Read more

Nonprofits Should Remain Switzerland

Time and again, we see a problem of a few being addressed by a response that pulls in the masses.  Such is the idea of repealing the Johnson Amendment.  Religious organizations that are considered to be 501(c)(3) organizations already have a number of exemptions to the rules that govern the rest of the sector; why not do that here?  If it is so important to allow all religious leaders to be able to make political endorsements and preach politics, then Congress and the IRS should Read more