Words Matter

The daughter of two writers learns this in the womb:  language choices matter. 

Not too long ago, I was reminded of this when reading the article aptly titled, “Quantifying Impact Alienates Nonprofit Employees,” which spoke of research by Julia Morley of the London School of Economics. 

Over the decades, I have worked with many organizations helping them to introduce not the language of impact evaluation but impact evaluation itself.  More often than not, there is an immediate and palpable resistance. 

It seems that when we Read more

Strength Lies in Tenacity

Ask a group of 10 people what makes a great leader and you
will quickly get a list of at least a dozen characteristics.  Pick up 10 books on leadership, and you will
find another list of a dozen traits. 
Read (or watch) leaders talking about what they think makes them great and
you will add more descriptors to the growing list.  One which I was reminded of recently is not
one that necessarily shows up on most lists: 

Because tenacity is such an integrated part of me, and because I Read more

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