The Downward Donation Spiral

It’s that time of the year again when the leaves are falling, the air is crisp and thoughts turn to year-end appeals.  The letter may be in draft form or written and approved; the priming and prepping of board members to write those personal notes on letters to select donors may have begun.

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But you might actually want to stop the process and consider the findings from the Association for Fundraising Professionals’ “2015 Fundraising Effectiveness Project Survey Report.”  This report reflects the responses Read more

Moving to New Zealand

There is a word that I have come to really dislike:  monetize—to “put into circulation as money.”  People love to talk about monetizing and this concept of monetizing everything is showing up in the nonprofit sector as well.

Let’s monetize the work of the board; let’s monetize the marketing value of this program.  And so forth.  Not that I’m not 150% in favor of understanding the value of the work that is done, the ripple effects of what we do, the contributions of those who make Read more