Gotta Right to Sing the Blues

Maybe it is time to have a new nonprofit classification.  I’d call it “the really large ones that operate more like a for-profit than a nonprofit and give the rest of the nonprofit sector a bad name and make all nonprofits suspect in the minds of the public, the media and too many legislators.”  But I’d call them “pseudo nonprofits” for short.

The current impetus for this thinking is Blue Cross/ Blue Shield of Massachusetts.  The company revealed earlier this month that it paid its former Read more

I Got the Blues

Recently, I wrote asking whether nonprofits need to take a higher moral ground because of the public’s perception of nonprofits.  If, as so many assume, that the nonprofit sector is all about helping others and making the communities in which we live and work better places for all, oughtn’t we, I asked, adhere to the highest of moral and ethical standards?

Not being naïve, and wanting to be realistic, I am willing to lower expectations of others (though not of myself or those with whom I Read more