7 Tips to Make Your Website Work For You

  1. Give readers the opportunity to donate online. Philanthropy is often a spontaneous decision so make sure potential donors have the chance to act immediately.
  2. Show that your organization is an innovator. Share useful information, be a resource, stay updated.
  3. Have links to other relevant websites – this increases your chances of showing up on web searches too.
  4. Be interactive – in addition to fundraising, offer opportunities for advocacy, seeking input, mailing list sign-up, blogging.
  5. Don’t neglect other ways visitors to your site can get involved – volunteer opportunities, a wish list for organization needs.
  6. Use web analytics to find out what visitors are looking at, so you know what’s important to them – then make sure it’s easy to find.
  7. Be authentic. Your website is a reflection of your organization’s culture and its mission and should convey that.