Five Phrases to Avoid when Serving Clients

Need to create a culture of client service in your organization. Get everyone on the same page with an on-site training.

10 Tips to Prepare for Nonprofit Leadership

If you aspire to be a nonprofit executive director in the future, here are some things you could be doing now to prepare.

What to consider before cutting programs

Tips excerpted from the Chronicle of Philanthropy.

11 Steps for Prepare for Strategic Planning

To be successful, which means being able to effectively serve our clients, we need a roadmap.

13 Tips Guaranteed to Make your Website Work for You

Writing for a website is different from any other kind of writing. Here are a few tips from Rick Simmons, Chief Solutions Officer at Dinkum Interactive, a Philadelphia Search Marketing Company.

Nonprofit Boards: What we Love/Hate About Them

If you subtract 10 points for every item that applies in the first section and then add 10 for every applicable description in the second section, how would your board score?

3 C’s for Nonprofit Survival in Tough Economic Times

Three golden rules for when the going gets tough.

4 Solid Tips for Great Volunteer Relations

Building a strong volunteer base is no easy task – here are four tips to help.

6 Secrets to an Effective Relationship with a Consultant

Everyone loves to hate a consultant – here are some tips to get the most out of your next consulting relationship.

7 Tips for Successful Grant-Writing / 7 Reasons Why Your Proposals are Rejected

Our best advice about how to succeed with your next grant proposal (and some reasons why your previous applications may have been rejected!)


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