Introducing…Expert Connections at a Special Member Price

Cost-effective, timely, targeted phone/email expert assistance from a nonprofit consultant at a discounted price for members

How many times did you wish you had access to a nonprofit expert who could answer your questions and give advice in a specific area of management and operations?

Questions about board policies and practices, how to handle a troublesome board member or problem employee, clarifying temporarily restricted vs. permanently restricted funds, best approaches to budget development, what is the best way to develop a budget, what you need to know before starting a corporate sponsorship program – the topics are as diverse as the nonprofit sector.

And that’s why we created “Expert Connections,” an annual support package that gives you access to consultant expertise.  You simply add it to your Membership in The Nonprofit Center to have year-long access via phone or email to an expert to address questions that require in-depth knowledge of nonprofit operations, governance and management.  As a complement to our consulting service, which has been providing nonprofit capacity-building services, such as strategic planning, organizational and leadership development and organizational assessment for more than three decades, this telephone access package is a resource for when you “just have a question,” but don’t know where to go for advice.

We’ve made it simple and affordable to have access, usually within 48 hours, to a professional who can answer your questions.   Based on what nonprofits have told us they need, we’ve packaged five hours of expert advice to utilize over the 12-month membership period, giving you support for all your questions throughout the year.  Each time you call for assistance, you’ll be matched with the appropriate Nonprofit Center expert to address your question and help you resolve your dilemma.   Your calls will be charged in 30 minute increments and for best use of this service, we suggest that you use this help for issues that can be addressed in under 90 minutes, at most.

For a total of $275, in addition to the appropriate membership fee, you receive five hours of expert telephone or email advising, provided by people whose hourly rate is normally more than twice what you’ll be paying through this package.

FAQ include:

  • Strategic planning (including evaluation readiness, guidelines, etc.)
  • Best practices for your board of directors
  • Bylaws, policies and procedures
  • Board meetings
  • Board development and orientation
  • Fundraising (we can’t find you donors, but we’re experienced in every aspect of resource development)
  • Media relations, marketing, communications, social media best practices
  • Human resources fundamentals (exclusive of legal issues)
  • Financial management/policies/procedures

Upgrade your membership now by contacting Terri Clark at [email protected]