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Date and Time: Tuesday, June 28, 2022 - 07:00 pm to 08:30 pmLocation: N/A - online


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Please note this class will take place over 4 evenings, and you must attend all dates:

  • 6/28/22
  • 7/12/22
  • 7/19/22
  • 7/26/22

Program evaluation is no longer optional; you must do it.  If you don’t, how do you know whether the programs that you are offering and the services you providing your clients are really making the difference you say they make?  Can you ethically continue to do what you do without knowing if what you are doing is truly achieving the promised ends?  Believing and wanting to do good and having the data that will demonstrate how well you are doing are two very different things.   Gone are the days when belief and desire were sufficient; today you must have hard data.  So, the question now isn’t whether to do program evaluation (also known as impact evaluation) or not, but rather how best to do it.

This class will show you how to move beyond using instincts, anecdotal information and/or educated guesses to documenting how your programs are/are not meeting their promised goals and, thus, whether your resources are being directed effectively.  It will provide you with simple systematic methods for collecting, analyzing, and using information, including a step-by-step model for an evaluation design, to answer basic questions about a program such as: “Is this program meeting its promised impact?”  “Is it working better for some subset(s) of clients over others?”  “How might we tweak the program make it have even more impact?”   You will leave with proven tools, approaches, techniques, and ideas that are customizable to a wide range of programs and to your organization’s and staff’s capacity and give you the data you need for sound decision making and sharing with donors, clients, staff, and others.

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Date: June 28th, 2022


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  • Christine Armstrong

    Christine Armstrong is a Professor of Communication at Northampton Community College’s Monroe Campus. In addition to a wide variety of communication courses, Chris also teaches Research Methods at the college in which she supervises research projects and walks students through the process of careful data collection and interpretation. She has a long history of working with, and within nonprofit organizations at a variety of levels both locally and internationally. She holds a M.A. in Communication Arts and Sciences from the Pennsylvania State University and a bachelors in Communication Studies from Colorado State University.