Program Design - Nonprofit Leadership Development

Program Design

Date and Time: February 13th, 2018 - 09:00 am to 12:00 pm Location: Children's Literacy Initiative - 2314 Market St., Philadelphia, PA 19103

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Your organization’s programs translate your mission into action and are its lifeblood. Program planning is essential to demonstrate that you understand and meet constituent needs, make an impact through measurable outcomes and have strategies for sustainability. This class will teach you best practices in program design and in developing measurable outcomes that match available resources and accommodate feedback mechanisms for continual improvement.

This class will help you pull together all these essential elements of resources, needs and staff so that you develop plans that reflect both your community and your organization, that are reality-based and are created with measurable outcomes that can be evaluated to determine their success.


Please note this class has a snow date of 3/13/2018. If we have to cancel this class due to inclement weather it will be moved to this date but it will not necessarily be held at the same location.

Audience: Senior staff and board.

Event Location

Date: February 13th, 2018

Location: Children's Literacy Initiative

Address: 2314 Market St.

Philadelphia, PA 19103

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  • Laura Otten, Ph.D.

    Laura Otten, Ph.D., has been the director of The Nonprofit Center since 2001. She began her affiliation with The Nonprofit Center shortly after it was formed in the early 1980s, working as a consultant and trainer, primarily in the areas of board development, strategic planning and program evaluation and she continues to play these roles, in addition to providing direction and leadership to The Nonprofit Center’s educational, consulting, and leadership development programs.  In 2013, she helped launch and became the first director of the Master’s in Nonprofit Leadership at La Salle University.  Laura  is a national expert in numerous aspects of nonprofit