Nonprofit Management 101

Date and Time: Wednesday, September 8, 2021 - 07:00 pm to 08:30 pmLocation: N/A - Online


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Please note this class will take place over 4 evenings, and you must attend all dates:

  • 9/8/21
  • 9/14/21
  • 9/21/21
  • 9/28/21

Nonprofits are complex organisms with many moving parts, all of which impact one another.  To be successful, a person leading, managing or simply being in a nonprofit must first understand the purpose and function of each part and then understand how each influences—and is influenced by—the other parts.  Lacking such understanding undermines chances of thriving and sustainability.

This class begins with a focus on mission and core values, the very hub of an organization; it then walks you through each part of the organism, such as fundraising, finance, human resources, marketing, programming, and more—explaining each’s role and function and how it impacts others.  While every nonprofit employee needs to understand this, leaders at every level within a nonprofit must be able to juggle these various roles and responsibilities, always in the context of the pieces’ connectedness.  As you learn about the different parts, you will be given opportunities for self-reflection that will allow you to identify those pieces of the whole where you feel skilled and comfortable and those where you need to strengthen your understanding and skills.

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Date: September 08th, 2021


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  • Laura Otten, Ph.D.

    Laura Otten, Ph.D., is the Director of La Salle University’s Master of Science in Nonprofit Leadership.

    She is a tenured member of La Salle’s faculty and was the Executive Director of The Nonprofit Center from 2001 through May 2021.  She began her affiliation with The Center shortly after it was formed in the early 1980s, working as a consultant and instructor, primarily in the areas of governance, strategic planning, coaching, and program evaluation, and she continues to serve as a consultant and instructor with The Center.  She is a national expert in numerous aspects of nonprofit management and governance.  Her weekly