An Open Examination of the Influence of Power and Privilege

Date and Time: Tuesday, May 10, 2022 - 09:00 am to Location: TBD


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As nonprofits, we get the importance of being truly diverse, equitable and inclusive.  But that doesn’t mean we are there or even know how to get there.  Rather than jumping immediately to the how to get there—the desired future—it is important to understand the how and why we got where we are today.  We cannot change without appreciating our past that brought us to our present—and is blocking us from getting to our future.  This means learning about your own identity and those of our co-workers, clients, and larger community.  This means understanding the implications of socially constructed labels and stereotypes, and how they inform all that we do.

This class will lead you through a series of exercises followed by robust discussion that will help you think critically and objectively about factors relating to identity, race, inequality, and oppression and will explore these issues to build greater self-awareness, and organizational awareness, on how identity impacts the dynamics of power and privilege in all aspects of our lives.  This highly synergistic session will enable you to look objectively at ways we use, or experience, influence, power and privilege in our own lives and the lives of those around us, offering a day of “aha” moments that will serve you well moving forward.

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Date: May 10th, 2022


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  • Michael Matthews

    Michael Matthews is the founder and principal member of Panache 5 consulting, specializing in development, training, and project management for nonprofits and public health initiatives actively engaging youth, families and community residents and start-up businesses. He previously was associate director of the Neighborhood League Institute in Cleveland, which develops grassroots resident leadership that strengthens communities by improving the quality of life for urban underserved residents.  He was also director of MyCom, a youth development network that brings together over 750 partners in 17 neighborhoods in Ohio.

    Michael received his BA and Masters of Liberal Studies from the University of Miami, Florida