Collaborations, Formal Partnerships and Mergers: Is One or More Right for your Organization?

Date and Time: Thursday, October 29, 2020 - 09:00 am to 12:00 pmLocation: N/A - online


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Collaborations and formal partnerships have been on the minds of and in use at nonprofits for many, many years; mergers, too, have become more commonplace in the nonprofit sector. The importance of all three, however, has been elevated as a consequence of the pandemic. But, despite how common these concepts are in our lexicon, they are not necessarily well understood, nor achieved through the best of processes. This three-hour class will change all that.

In this class, these three options—collaborations, formal partnerships and mergers–will be fully defined, and commonalities and differences among the three identified and what each relationship brings with it will be explored, allowing you to know what makes the most sense for your organization to consider. Along with these basics, the class will provide you with two tools centrally important in determining whether any of these options is right for you.

Learn about and complete the Value Proposition Tool that will allow you to identify the value-add that your organization would bring to any of these three relationships. Then determine your organization’s readiness for any of these options by completing the Partnership Readiness Tool. Leave with a clear understanding of the alternatives for potentially strengthening how your organization, or a program, performs and tools to help you move forward.

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Date: October 29th, 2020


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  • Laura Line

    Laura Line is a leader and strategist who has worked in the nonprofit and philanthropy sectors for over 30 years. As a Principal of Bowling Business Strategies, Laura assists local, regional and national clients on a wide range of strategic projects and initiatives. Laura believes in the potential of partnership and has collaboratively developed tools to help people assess their organization’s readiness and capacity to partner, as well as the costs and potential impact of partnering. She has served in several leadership roles in nonprofits, developing new lines of business, building infrastructure and managing operations. She has helped health and