Understanding Business Planning

Date and Time: Wednesday, November 17, 2021 - 09:00 am to 03:00 pmLocation: N/A - online


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No, business plan and strategic plan are not different names for the same thing; they are two different kinds of planning and successful organizations and programs need both.  While both address purpose, goals and tactics, the business plan adds in the answer to the question “how will we pay for it?”  In the for-profit sector, the business plan is used to attract investors as it lays out how the proposed enterprise will be financed, identifies all of the resources that will be needed and explains the ROI.  In other words, when will profit be realized so that investors will start seeing their financial return on their investment and how much will that return be?  Nonprofits need the same extras as we work to create sustainable business models for each of our programs that provide for a solid mix of income streams and the appropriate combination of raised and earned dollars.  And nonprofits must be able to spell out the SROI for our donors—and then be able to prove it: what will be the social return on their investment and when will it be achieved?  Solid business planning leads to program sustainability and overall success.

“Understanding Business Planning” will demystify business planning, allowing you to get comfortable with its content, how to do it and just what you have been missing in your organization.  It will help you understand the essential differences between strategic and business planning and why each has a key, but different and complimentary, role in your organization and explain how it connects your mission and your programs, identifying needed resources and developing performance measures that enable everyone in your organization to understand if the desired results are being achieved.   Working on a case study, you will see how business planning addresses key questions like:  What is the right fee structure? Does this meet client needs?  Will donors be interested, and if not, how will we finance it? Does it mesh with our core competencies?  How will we measure outcomes?  When you are done with the class, you will understand why and how a business plan should drive organization decision-making if you want sustainable programs and a sustainable organization.


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Date: November 17th, 2021


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  • Thomas Scurto-Davis

    Founding Principle at Money2Mission, LLC, Thomas Scurto-Davis has 20 years of nonprofit financial management and accounting experience. His professional practice is focused on helping NPOs design and implement systems, improve financial literacy and effectiveness, and build organizational understanding. His goal is to help nonprofits make better-informed decisions while using financial data to tell their compelling and unique story.

    He is an affiliated trainer with the Nonprofit Center at La Salle University’s School of Business where he leads trainings on financial management, risk assessment and mitigation, business planning, budgeting and financial analysis.  He is also an adjunct professor for La Salle’s graduate