Moving Forward: The Post Covid-19 Resiliency Series

Date and Time: Thursday, December 31, 2099Location: N/A


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The nonprofit sector has never been known to sit-out, wait-out or just observe when disaster strikes. We’ve always been stalwart, steady and fearless in facing down problems–even those of epic proportion. But we’re also realistic as we move beyond the short-term impact of work disruption and canceled activities, to focus on who we are and what we do best.

Moving Forward: The Post Covid-19 Resiliency Series is The Nonprofit Center’s recovery package for nonprofits. We are continuing what we do right to support the nonprofit sector in restoring and continuing what it does so well.

We’ve all been changed by a global event that also has had profound local impact. By combining the factors that have traditionally defined us with the ability to pivot and adapt, we will emerge and continue to fulfill our missions. To help in this process, we have created a series of videos (ranging in length from 15 to 45 minutes) in the key areas of communications, finance, fundraising, human resources, and organizational structure.


The Series Content

“Surviving Covid-19: A Financial Prospective” – This video covers both sides of the financial equation: ideas for cost cutting and revenue generation. You’ll also get actionable advice on internal controls you can implement even with a remote workplace and that will serve you well when no longer working remotely.

“Preparing Employees for a Productive Return” – Concentrating on four key areas within human resources–communication, performance management, shifting job responsibilities, and talent gaps–this video provides guidance on how each area can successfully be addressed during a crisis to bolster the organization post-crisis.

“After the Storm, Fundraising after COVID-19” – In the post 2008 era, 37% of people stopped giving because organizations stopped asking. Now and in the post Covid-19 world, you don’t want that to be the reason people aren’t giving to you. This video guides you through creating a growth mindset, despite the chaotic and unpredictable times in which we live. It explains the new hybrid fundraising model that you should be executing now and into the future and walks you through what your donor meetings should look like in the world of Covid-19.

“Considering New Pathways Through Partnership” – Recovering from a crisis requires an objective assessment of your organization’s capacity and priorities that can lead to new approaches and greater stability. This video delves into what to consider in partnering and reviews various aspects, from space sharing to governance and data, any of which could make partnering with one or multiple organizations an effective and sustainable approach in recovery. The review will help you determine which, if any, are the right option to meet your organizational and client needs.

“Communicating During Your Comeback” – This video offers strategies and communication tools for nonprofits as they manage and emerge from the COVID-19 crisis.  Key topics will include how to discuss controversial management decisions, communicating from the inside-out, and using a variety of tactics to reach various stakeholders.  Now is the best time to begin to plan for what comes next, even if you’re not sure yourself.


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Date: December 31st, 2099


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  • Laura Line

    Laura Line is a leader and strategist who has worked in the nonprofit and philanthropy sectors for over 30 years. As a Principal of Bowling Business Strategies, Laura assists local, regional and national clients on a wide range of strategic projects and initiatives. Laura believes in the potential of partnership and has collaboratively developed tools to help people assess their organization’s readiness and capacity to partner, as well as the costs and potential impact of partnering. She has served in several leadership roles in nonprofits, developing new lines of business, building infrastructure and managing operations. She has helped health and