Fundamentals of Budgeting

Date and Time: Thursday, March 26, 2020 - 09:00 am to 12:00 pm


This class is postponed due to the coronoavirus emergency. Registration will re-open once we have rescheduled.

The accuracy of your organization or program’s budget is one of the key factors in an organization’s financial stability, growth and ability to fulfill mission.  Your budget is your financial plan, and the outline of how your mission and objectives will be carried out, guiding your organization’s operations and key decision-making.  This essential class will demonstrate the components and qualities of an effective budget, the budgeting process, budgeting best practices and projecting critical cash flow.

Starting with a brief overview of financial statements, you will learn how to read the story they tell and review basic financial terms and different types of financial systems.  After covering core concepts, the class will address a systematic approach to constructing a budget for a program or organization.

In addition to learning how to create a budget, this class will include strategies for monitoring actual income and expenses and comparing them to the budget so that you’re able to make important management decisions in real time, and be able to project, based on reliable data.  You’ll learn about how cash flow statements can be used to monitor and project potential cash shortfalls so you are able to adjust and plan accordingly.  We will also cover methods of allocating shared costs and explain how to incorporate that into your budget.  With a deeper understanding of all the components of your budget, including administrative and overhead expenses, you’ll be in a better position to make the case for being worthy of support from potential and current donors and other stakeholders.


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Date: March 26th, 2020


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  • Thomas Scurto-Davis

    Thomas Scurto-Davis, is executive director of the Main Line Art Center in Haverford, where he had been serving as interim executive director and prior to that, director of finance and operations.  With a special interest in arts and culture, he is passionate about advancing the role of arts and culture in the national consciousness and has been committed to promoting nonprofits through enhanced education and management for more than 30 years.

    Thomas got hooked on the arts through his school’s arts programs, then successfully pursued his professional artistic goal with a career as an operatic baritone.  His performance career included singing