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Untangling. Clarifying. Encouraging.  Motivating
The image on the cover of the Nonprofit Center’s2013-14 Education Guide is the “Gordian Knot.”  We chose this symbol because it represents so much of what we, as nonprofit professionals, confront every day – the seemingly endless challenges, the constant obstacles, the tangled knot that we struggle to conquer.

So many of our challenges seem insurmountable and contain the inevitable push/pull:   decreasing funding/ increasing demand; increasing competition/diminishing resources;  increasing scrutiny/a sense of decreasing control over our outcome, and so on.  We related to the metaphor of the  Gordian Knot because the experience of more than 30,000 “alumni” of Nonprofit Center educational programs have proven themselves over time to provide the knowledge, skill and confidence that enable nonprofit professionals to pro-actively address  seemingly impossible situations  – to  untie  their Gordian Knots.

For more than 30 years, The Nonprofit Center has committed itself to strengthening the nonprofit sector by expanding the skills and competency of the people who work within it.  We exist to Build Better Nonprofits. Period.  We didn’t start giving classes for nonprofits as a way to drum up new business — nonprofit education is our business.

For newcomers to the sector to seasoned veterans, to board members and other volunteers, we deliver a continuum of comprehensive cost-effective activities that build the expertise of individuals and the capability of the organizations they serve.

Our online Education Guide gives detailed descriptions of our curriculum of full-day classes,  Certificate Programs (and this new discounted Certificate Packages) and multi-part Power Classes in the key skill areas essential to all nonprofits.  We’re excited about several new kinds of offerings, in 2013-14, because the learning curve never ends:

The Nonprofit Center can also bring the skills to you. Any of our programs, certificates, as well as a wide range of additional subjects can be presented at the site at your choice so that multiple people can be trained at once. Explore what an On-Site Group Training can do for your organization or association.


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