Customized Certificate

Build Your Own

Suppose you’re a fundraising professional who has multiple management responsibilities. You can create your own Certificate Program that’s a combination of classes from the Fundraising Certificate and Nonprofit Management Certificate.

Or you’re a communications director who also supports your organization’s development department. You can create your own Certificate combining classes from both the Marketing & Communications curriculum and the Fundraising Certificate.

Executive directors may choose to combine classes in Financial Management and Nonprofit Management – or can even include select Marketing & Communications and Fundraising classes.

There are many combinations and we’ll work with you to design the Certificate Program that best serves your goals and help you earn a valuable credential. Stepfon Wallace is here to work with you to design your unique certificate.

For more information about how to defy the cookie-cutter model and build a Certificate that’s unique to you, contact Stepfon at 215-991-3676 or

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