Et tu, Nonprofit?

Sadly, I seem to be on a tear against my own sector.  This is disturbing.  But, then, so is that which I am railing against!

It would be preposterous to say that at this point in my life, I am naïve, or not well rooted in reality.    I’ve always classified myself as a realist, rather than either optimist or pessimist.  But now I’m beginning to wonder if my view of reality needs to change or if the nonprofit sector needs to return to its roots and Read more

June 26th, 2013 1 Comment

We Rock…Pass it on

Last month’s “communiqué” (their word, not mine) from the Listening Post (Lester Salamon at Johns Hopkins’ Institute for Policy Studies) provides some great fodder for a new year discussion by boards and staffs alike—if not together.  The communiqué reports on results of the Institute’s research into the question of whether there are agreed upon and mutually shared values of the nonprofit sector.  In other words, do those of us in the nonprofit sector believe that there is a set of values—unique or not—that nonprofits as Read more

January 11th, 2013 0 Comment

The Rude Sector

When I started blogging, I was told it was ok to be provocative and controversial and I was prepared for flak and feedback. But I am not going for controversy or provocation here; here, I’m venting. Numerous recent experiences have led me to conclude that the nonprofit sector that I truly love has become down-right rude. I’ve got a collection of experiences to whine about, but I’ll share two recent ones with you that painfully contrast our sector with the for-profit world.

I Read more

Have you lost your compass?

Announcement:  there will not be, now, tomorrow or ever, a $700 billion or even an $85 billion bailout for the nonprofit sector.  So, when we say we are businesses, don’t get too carried away with that thought.  Remember, we are businesses that must be beholden to our mission, balancing our bottom line with how well we are delivering on the promises of our mission.  Like so many other examples of the past, we are facing another perfect example of the fact that “we must run like Read more


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