How Membership Pays for Itself

  • For a small nonprofit, the cost of your basic membership can be made up immediately, by taking advantage of your free hour of consulting, participation our grantmaker panels and attendance at just two of our educational programs
  • You will more than cover the cost of MemberPlus (and then some) by taking advantage of our innovative new Management Assessment Plan to acquire a roadmap to assess where your organization currently is, where it needs to go and the best ways to get there or our acclaimed Best Practices Board Leadership Development program, either of which is included in your membership, or both for just $150 additional.  Organizations who have both a board training and a Management Assessment get the value-add of a consultant who stays with them throughout the process to help facilitate implementation of recommendations and findings.
  • You get discounted access to a nonprofit expert through our Expert Connections package
  • In an era when “return on investment” is so critical, Membership in The Nonprofit Center is the definition of the phrase. When an organization invests in professional development, it invests in its sustainability and its future.

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