3 Part Series: Creating & Managing a Successful Volunteer Program

Date and Time: April 02nd, 2013 - 09:00 am to 12:00 pm Location: 1700 Market St. - Philadelphia, PA

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Few nonprofits can exist without volunteers, but like any relationship, there are approaches, techniques and processes that contribute to the success of your volunteer programs – from both sides of the equation.  This new three-part series will take you from the formatting of an engaging, productive  volunteer program to capitalizing on the richness of volunteer energy to managing and retaining this power-source.    Each class will result in the creation of a product essential to the development and maintenance of a strong volunteer program that will serve your organization well.

Session #1: 4/2/13 – Effective Volunteer Programs
Learning Objectives Include:

  • Understanding the elements of a strong volunteer program.
  • Preparing  your organization to use volunteers effectively.
  • Building commitment at all levels of your organization.
  • Determining how volunteers best fit in to your organization’s work.

Project:   Developing your philosophy for how volunteers will contribute to your organization’s mission. Draft job descriptions for volunteer positions and their role in a volunteer manual .

Session #2: 4/16/13 – Recruiting Volunteers and Putting Them to Work
Learning Objectives Include:

  • Understanding why people volunteer, and how to capitalize on these motivations to strengthen your volunteer program.
  • Techniques for inspiring both short-term and long-term participation.
  • Developing systems for matching the right volunteer to the right job.
  • Planning for successful volunteer training and orientation.

Project:   Creating your recruiting plan. Developing  procedures for interviewing and placing new volunteers.

Session #3: 4/30/13 – Successfully Managing Volunteers
Learning Objectives Include:

  • Effective techniques for supervising volunteers and handling common challenges.
  • Developing an evaluation system that strengthens your relationship with long-serving volunteers.
  • Managing relationships between paid staff and volunteers.
  • Learning techniques for retaining volunteers.

Project:  Developing  your volunteer evaluation plan. Developing and implementing practices to improve volunteer retention.

Event Location

Date: April 02nd, 2013

Location: Deloitte LP

Address: 1700 Market St.

Philadelphia, PA 19103

Member Fee $225
Non-member Fee $275


  • Allison Trimarco

    Allison Trimarco is the founder of Creative Capacity, a consulting firm that collaborates with nonprofits to solve management challenges, inspire people to participate and enhance an organization’s ability to carry out its mission.  Her practice focuses on strategic planning fundraising and board development projects. Prior to becoming a consultant, she worked for a wide range of nonprofit organizations, including performing arts groups, libraries and public television.  She earned her MA in Arts Management at Carnegie Mellon University, and her BA in Theatre at Smith College.


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