Building a Framework for Advanced Evaluation and Outcome Measurement of Your Organization: A Three-Part Immersion

Date and Time: February 13th, 2013 - 09:00 am to 12:00 pm Location: 100 North 20th St., Suite 400 - Philadelphia, PA 19103

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The pressure to demonstrate your organization’s effectiveness and document your program outcomes continues to grow and often presents a daunting challenge.  Foundations, government entities, and other funders expect evaluation and performance measurement data, even as most nonprofit organizations struggle to achieve the capacity to implement meaningful evaluation and outcomes measurement.

This Power Class, presented in three progressive l/2 day sessions, will walk you through the steps that will result in each participant having honed a clear and specific evaluation map for at least one program, as well as an enhanced ability to formulate and guide additional evaluations.

Session I: 2/13/13 – Participants will work through a time-tested  6 step  model for developing a comprehensive evaluation plan. Numerous examples from real evaluations as well as an authentic case study will punctuate each of the 6 steps. Logic modeling will also be reviewed and several variations shared.  During the two weeks before the next session, participants will sharpen their logic models and draft a brief evaluation plan following the 6 step model, including such tools and techniques such as developing measurable outcomes, evaluation designs and data collection methods.

Session II: 2/27/13 – This session feature sharing and refining of logic models and evaluation plans with participants raising and resolving questions and challenges. A collaborative peer environment will encourage discussion on topics raised by participants such as designing survey items, evaluation costs and the role of consultants.

Session III: 3/13/13 – The discussion of individual projects will continue, and several selected interventions/techniques will also be addressed, in particular focus groups, cost-benefit analysis and sensitivity tables.
With a focus on leadership knowledge and skills essential to guiding evaluation design and managing implementation, rather than instruction in statistics and computers, participants will gain a new ability and confidence that ensures that your organization’s evaluation and outcome measurement processes accurately reflect your organization’s achievements. You will also leave with a tangible product, a comprehensive draft evaluation plan for one of your programs.

Certificate Programs: Nonprofit Management

Event Location

Date: February 13th, 2013

Location: Fernley & Fernley

Address: 100 North 20th St. Suite 400

Philadelphia, PA 19103

Member Fee $225
Non-member Fee $275


  • John Kelley, Ph.D.

    John Kelley, Ph.D. has extensive experience at various levels in the nonprofit world.  At the social policy level, he headed the research division of the policy analysis firm Public/Private Ventures.  He founded and led Villanova University’s HOS Institute, devoted to training and program evaluation in the human services.  Subsequently, he was the founding leader of Villanova’s Office of Planning and Institutional Research. For three decades, he has worked collaboratively with The Nonprofit Center, serving on planning committees and as a consultant and instructor.  He also teaches strategic planning and program evaluation in Villanova’s ‘s Master of Public Administration program.  He earned


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